Star Regatta: Volunteer Team Comes Fourth

Star Regatta and volunteers: one step away from the bronze

On 8 September MINSK 2019 volunteer team steered their dragon boat for victory in the Star Regatta contest. Dragon boats originated in China and resemble an oversized canoe; they are powered by 10 paddlers with a helms person and a drummer.

The races took place as part of Belarus Canoe Sprint Open and were one of the many celebrations planned to mark the 951st birthday of Minsk.

200m dragon boat races among amateurs were held in the very heart of Minsk on the Svisloch River. Two days before the Star Regatta, the volunteers were offered a training session in Zaslavl where they could catch on to the new sport.

“It was my first time on a boat like that, and I was sitting at its highest point! Hardly anyone from the volunteer team even practiced dragon boating before. It was a hair-raising, but unforgettable experience,” says Violetta Alieshkevich, one of the aspiring volunteers of the 2nd European Games 2019.

MINSK 2019 volunteers came fourth in the Star Regatta. We thank the team for joining us and wish them luck in all their future endeavours.

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