English test is available in personal accounts

Good morning, volunteers of the 2nd European Games Minsk 2019!

Language proficiency test has been already uploaded in personal accounts. The test is obligatory as it is the final stage for further positions distribution.

It is important for each volunteer to pass the test as your further participance in the Games will be impossible without test results. The test consists of 12 sections which include 75 questions: tasks on words and collocations, tasks on use of grammar constructions; tasks on listening and writing skills.

Currently, the test is available for the volunteers who have activated their personal accounts and have been interviewed. The test will be appointed automatically as you pass through an interview. Notifications will appear in your personal mail and in personal accounts.

The test is developed by teaching center «Educational technologies» (Streamline Language School).

Be attentive while passing test! We wish all the volunteers success and excellent results!

In case of any questions use the service of technical support on e-mail: help@synesis.by.

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