7 cities, 30 universities of Belarus, more than 6,000 students – this is the result of training volunteers of the II European Games in 3 months. There were general trainings organized for them.

From February to April, the staff of the volunteer department conducted 32 general trainings in Minsk universities, as well as universities in Gomel, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Grodno, Pinsk and Brest.

The aim of general training was at acquainting volunteers with each other, obtaining important and interesting facts that they need to know about the II European Games, about our brand and values.

Within the framework of one training, all the volunteers were divided into three groups, each of which received various types of information.

In the first group, volunteers were acquainted with sports, competitive and non-competitive objects, client groups of the Games. This unit helped them to understand the functioning of the II European Games.

In the second group, they discussed the volunteer's code, rules of behavior at the Games, personal safety and security at the sites. This is a very dynamic part, which included instructions on how to behave in different situations. All situations were analyzed using examples from personal experience.

In the third group, they trained in the development of volunteers' communication skills, learned what the stress is and how to cope with it, as well as protection techniques while dealing with unpleasant people.

The Head of the Volunteer Center of the II European Games, Polesye State University, Oksana Yarovich:

“The general training for volunteers has ended. What gave it to us? First, this is another powerful incentive for those who chose the path of volunteering at the II European Games. This is a team spirit and motivation to move on, an opportunity to learn new interesting facts about the European Games.

Since the volunteers had already passed preliminary training in personal account, the training helped to actualize and summarize the existing knowledge about sports represented at the European Games, competitive and non-competitive objects, client groups of the Games, helped to understand the functioning of the games. The important moment was that the training took place in a relaxed atmosphere; the volunteers constantly communicated with each other, worked as teams, and enjoyed each other's success.

The block related to the Volunteer Code, rules of behavior at the Games and safety at the facilities focused on the personal responsibility of volunteers – case studies, personal experience in ensuring personal security, all of which made it possible for each of the volunteers to be personally involved in this problem.

The block of communicative skills, is an important for any person, not only for volunteers. Communication of young people more and more often occurs online in social networks, elementary skills of live communication are lost. Practicing communication skills, behavior in conflict situations, how to make decisions and take responsibility for them, perhaps, what is necessary and so lack of modern youth.

Seraphim Bernatsky (Faculty of Philology, Brest State University named after AS Pushkin, 1st year):

“The selflessly desire to help people is what motivated me to be a volunteer. I created my personal account quite a long time ago, back in January, I had an interview, a test of knowledge of the English language and educational materials, and now I am part of one large family – a volunteer family!

During the general training, we were discussing main communication skills, acquainted with volunteer activities and our responsibilities, and about the safety rules at the Games. During this time, we have rallied, and when we had the final task, to present a creative performance from each team, we had no problems. We all decided together what we would do, and in the end, everything turned out great.

I would like to thank the OC members of the II European Games for providing a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to become part of a great history.

You will never get money for volunteering, but you will always have many unforgettable moments in your memory, a fountain of emotions, you will get an excellent practice of a foreign language and, of course, you will get new contacts. Join us and create a story today! ”

In total, the volunteers of the II European Games have to go through three stages of training: general, functional in the direction of activity and training at the venues. Some of the volunteers have already completed functional training in their areas; others have to get useful information in their area. In May and June, venue training will start for volunteers, where they will get all information about the venue where they work.

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