The weekends of May 11-12 were very busy for the volunteers of the II European Games. They visited Bright Fest on Saturday, and on Sunday took part in organization of the international Minsk Grand Prix competition in cycling road and met the Flame of Peace torch relay in Brest.

On May 11 at the National Olympic Stadium Dynamo, a large-scale sports and cultural festival Bright Fest was held together with foundation “Directorate of the 2nd European games 2019”, Jet Fest LLC and Belarusian State University. 290 volunteers from different universities actively supported area “Spectator Services”.

On Sunday, there were international competitions “Minsk Grand Prix” in cycling road, there were testing competitions for the II European Games. About 250 volunteers helped with the event. They were involved in such areas as “Venue management” and “Volunteers management”, “Spectator Services” and “Last mile”, “Doping control”, “Communications”. The most numerous position is “Object Management. Bike route control” – 200 volunteers were involved in it. They controlled the access to the track of the athletes and coordinated the access of the spectators.

In addition, on May 12, the “Flame of Peace” torch relay arrived in Belarus. It started on May 3 in Rome, and then conquered the Mont Blanc – the highest point in Europe. Fire carried through the settlements of Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland. In the Republic of Belarus, Brest became the first city, which takes over the torch relay in our country.

Ten of our volunteers from the area of “Ceremony. Torch Relay” actively help torchbearers to follow the “Flame of Peace” through the territory of the Republic of Belarus and acquaint residents of the country with important representatives of culture, sport, education, art or science of Belarus. We wish them good luck!

Photo: Mikhail Pashkovich

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